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Vicki is an impetuous young art student. She falls in love with a shy medical student called Greg. They marry and soon have two children. Vicki quickly finds herself caged in wretched domesticity. The demands of motherhood fight with her desire to be a thinking, feeling, creative artist.

Her love for Greg - and her dependence on his love - carries her through the early years with the new babies. But still Vicki is restless for more - More Life, More Love, More Everything!

She escapes into a love affair with Hugo, an art student. This doesn't help. Instead it throws Vicki into a worse emotional turmoil. She is a good girl and cannot live with the deceit. One night she confesses all to Greg. She then has his pain to face as well as her punishment.

Her punishment comes in the form of a drooling, mean mouthed Queensland Blue Heeler that Greg brings home. The dog threatens the children and destroys the house. When the resultant chaos comes close to destroying Vicki's psyche as well, Greg decides that enough is enough. He gets rid of the dog and some semblance of normality is restored. Vicki has learned her lesson - adultery is out!

PictureSo some months later when she finds herself feeling sexy for Mr Tattoo Man, the swimming instructor at the children's swimming pool, what is she to do? How can she have her cake and eat it too?

She agonisingly comes to a solution but Greg, once bitten, is unconvinced of her innocence. He suspects the adultery saga has started all over again.

It takes a radical, late night art lesson to quell his fears, and in an "if you can't beat them, join them" sort of revelation, Greg rises to the occasion and joins Vicki in her fantasies. And of course, as in all the best love stories, they live happily ever after!

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